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How to take your Vision to the next Level

“Vision without action is a daydream.   Action without vision is a nightmare!" – Japanese Proverb


competitive-advantage.pngOur Solutions...

 We hear owners use the expression,

"Taking it to the next level!"  

We've found that unless you've done it before, then the first step to the next level is getting help from people who've been there. 

Our solutions, services and methodologies were created by organizations, while they were stepping to the next level.  Wisdom suggests "...standing on the shoulders of giants" *, as we find our organizations own path. 

* - Isaac Newton

Business Cloud Services is a consulting firm that has worked with organizations taking themselves to the next level for the last 25 years.  We share the wisdom of organizations, that have already done, what you are about to do.  We've seen the mistakes and the successes.  We share what we've, because when you succeed, we all succeed.

Vision 2.0 methodologies & technology

A methodology is a repeatable process.  Vision 2.0 methodologies are the distilled wisdom for building Vision 2.0 organizations.  These methodologies go one step further providing the flexibility to add you and your team's brilliance to create something better.  This is especially important considering the speed that technology changes.  Technology has become mission critical to the success of all organizations. You need methodologies and processes designed to absorb and leverage new thinking and new technologies as quickly or even faster than your competitors.  

Secret to Executing Change while reducing risk

The key to executing change is reducing risk.  Vision 2.0 reduces risk by implementing a series of gradual improvements rather than a single major change.   The success for these changes approaches 90 - 95%.  (Compared to a statistical average of only 50% success for a major change.) In Vision 2.0, these gradual changes are a series of low risk, low cost and High return organizational improvements.  Improvements that can be used within weeks of identifying the problem.

Vision 2.0 solutions, services and methodologies

  1. Traditional Advisory, Consulting/Mentoring
    1. Individual
    2. Team
    3. Organization

  2. Business methodologies
    1. V 2.0  Communication, Planning, Execution (CPE) methodology - (Planning)
    2. V 2.0  Communication, Planning, Execution (CPE) methodology - (Execution)
    3. "Sniper School" team training

  3. Technology re-organization 
    1. ITIL business modeling
    2. Emergency recovery Planning

  4. Execution Services
    1. BCS Mentoring/Oversight of your teams
    2. BCS Execution (Full execution & training of your employees and support staff)

Business Technologies We Work With

We find that there must be a focus on the entire business organization as well as the entire technology infrastructure.  Here is a list of the systems that we work on.  We can work on them individually or as an entire system of systems.

  • Web/eCommerce
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Accounting Systems (and integration)
  • Production Systems
  • ERP/Inventory
  • Information Systems (Software development)
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Infrastructure Automation Systems
  • Cloud Based Business systems

Industries We Have Built Technology Solutions For:

Every industry has the same core systems, but is unique in the solutions that they need.  Industries we have built solutions for include:

  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking
  • Medical
  • Business Services
  • Business Transition
  • Technology Services

What's keeping you up at night?

We specialize in fast turnaround on problems.

Do You have something keeping you up at night?

If you have a nagging problem that you need to solve in the next 90 - 120, let us take a look at the problem.  We can probably solve that for you.

Note: Our record for measurable ROI is $30,000 dollars / month in worker productivity.  For the owner it was, $360,000 that year to either re-invest or put in personal bank account.  

Our goal is to provide at least $10 in value for every $1 you spend.  In this case we did a little better than that.  (The cost for that improvement was $600 to our client.) 

We love to hear: "So what else can you do for us?

 If you have something keeping you up at night. 

Something that needs to be solved in the next 120 days (or less) why not give us a try? 


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