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About Our CRM Execution Team

“Vision without execution is just hallucination .
" – Henry Ford


competitive-advantage.pngDefining Execution...

 When all is said and done, it doesn't matter how well you communicate or plan if you can't execute.  At it's core Business Cloud Services is a technology execution company.   What we found though is that poorly aimed execution is worse than no execution at all.  First and formost to be successful we must aim first, then fire.  Business Cloud Serivces defines execution as, 

Execution = Strategy + Plan + People 

Strategy, Planning & People 

We use tools like the V 2.0  Communication, Planning, Execution (CPE) methodolgy to communicate, plan and execute your organizations vision.  Ultimately it's people who will finally execute our plan.  

Our Team ...

"Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story." - Casey Stengel 

You need business technology experts who understand Vision 2.0 Information Centric strategies & tactics.  You need experts who listen and understand your organization’s needs and requirements.  You need collaboration with people who think of themselves as more of a partner for your success, rather than a vendor doing just, “...what they are told.”   When we do a project, we bring in teams of vetted experts. We know that 50% of CRM projects fail.  The better the strategy, plan and people, the more likly the success.

What customers say about our CRM teams

“Responsive, proactive & ... build the right solution the first time!”

If you are a business owner, then I do not need to convince you that a CRM is essential to modern businesses.

 “... sales and marketing costs average from 15%-35% of total corporate costs. So the effort to automate sales efficiency is essential. In cases reviewed, sales increases after advanced CRM technology (changes) have ranged from 10 to more than 30%.” - Harvard Business Review

It is not a question of wether you need a CRM.  Instead, it is is a question of whom you should partner with to build the tools that drive marketing, sales and customer relationships.  

"... automation of business tools, is crucial to companies and customers!

The problem that most companies run into though is that,

“50% of CRM deployments and configuration changes fail” - Gartner Research

“...Technical competency”, “...sense of urgency”, “...makes proactive suggestions!”

Because your customers' need to change.  In order to keep them as customers, you organization will need to support thier changing needs and requirements.  What this means to you, is that it takes more than a "One size fits all" solution.  A successful CRM strategy anticipates the need for change, in order to support the changing needs of customers.  

At Business Cloud services we are proud of our CRM team members.  We are so proud  that instead of our words, we use thier customer comments as our CRM team healdines in this article.  We find that most competent technical experts can do what they are told.  What our customers tell us they need, want and expect is more than just competent CRM technicians. 

Our customer tell us they are more successul today because our CRM Team members are, 

  • Highly responsive!” & provide “...Seamless communication”
  • Competent and Knowleagable
  • ... are on time with bids even when we [the client] make it
  • Always knows what the business is trying to do, before deploying any solution ”
  • “...truly bent over backwards for us!
  • Would strongly recommend and have plans to use again.”

 Don't you wish you could say this about all your vendors?


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