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Services Supporting Business Acquisition at all stages


“Vision without action is a daydream.   Action without vision is a nightmare!" – Japanese Proverb



Service Description

Our services focus on giving ideas, advice and support to our clients with their mid-market acquisitions.  We focus on three areas:  Pre-Acquisition, Post Acquisition, and Exit.  Our processes and systems are designed to grow EBITDA and EBITDA multiplier very quickly. 


  • Technology Risk/Opportunity assessment – This Assessment is designed to help our clients reduce risk during negotiation and exploit technology assets and digital strategies post-acquisition. This report includes:
    1. Traditional Technology Asset Assessment –
    2. Technology Department Organizational Assessment –
    3. Interdepartmental Technology Effectiveness Assessment


Risk/Opportunity Assessment Report – The top reasons for purchasing a business in 2018 has been the acquisition of technology assets and/or digital strategy.  This report evaluates these company assets and makes recommendations for post-acquisition to maximize business value.


  • Low Hanging Fruit” Consulting – Based on the comments of a successful client who wanted “Low Hanging fruit” suggestions. This consulting process identifies the small projects that will provide the “Biggest bang for your buck” with the lowest cost and the lowest risk to the organization.  “Low hanging fruit” projects can be completed in 2 weeks to 90 days and show an immediate improvement in Business value.  Our record project added $30,000/month after four hours of analysis and deployment for our client. (Note: A total of $360,000.00 over the first year and an estimated 1.1 million added to the business valuation of the organization.)

Exit Planning Deployment

For sellers, exit planning is the preparation for being acquired.  Exit Planning deployment drives the “Low hanging fruit” projects that dramatically improve EBITDA and EBITDA multiplier.  The problem with change is the failure rate.  According to Gardener,

  • 50% of technology projects fail.
  • 70% of business initiatives fail.

On the other hand, “Low hanging fruit projects” have a 95% success rate.  This is because the 10 reasons technology project fail are addressed in the “low handing fruit” consulting process. 

Costs: On any project costs is difficult to predict without knowing what you need.  As a rule of thumb, we quantify the expected business benefit.  Then calculate 25% of that business value as the cost of that project.