The Ultimate Competitive Advantage…

100%, 80%, 20% or 2% which would you choose? 

When guessing, 100% of stupid people look smart 20% of the time.  In any industry 80% of  competitors who always guess, also seem to be fighting over the 20% of the smallest customers with the lowest margins.  In the meantime, only 20% of industry competitors will compete for the biggest customers with the highest markets.  With the biggest prize for the top 2% being the 64% of top customers in the industry.

There is no guessing at the top.  We take out the guesswork for the top 2%.  

We Believe

From the board room, to the server room, business is still business.  There is a myth that technology and business cannot be managed and measured in the same way.  We believe that technology can produce more efficiency, productivity and profitability when it is aligned with the vision and mission of the organization.  The problem we solve is bridging this communication gap.  In the process developing business value by increasing earnings and reducing organizational risk.

Our mission

We provide our clients with the guidance they need to develop higher earnings, reduce business risk in order to advance our clients organizational vision and goals.


James Murray


James Murray is a pioneer in business technology with over 25 years’ experience in the information technology systems.  As a consultant he has worked with hundreds of executives and IT departments.  His specialty is aligning business vision with technology assets that have resulted in 100s of millions of dollars in equity value for his clients.  He has worked with over 50 mid-market organizations you may not have heard of.  Some of the enterprise clients you may have heard of though include:

  • The City of Seattle
  • Washington Mutual/Chase
  • Microsoft
  • Accenture
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Disney