Top 5 Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Strategic Drivers

M&A Strategies for Buying a Business

Why do Investment Bankers buy businesses? Beginning in 2018, according to a survey done by Deloitte, the top strategic drivers motivating business buys in 2018 has been:

(20%)     Technology Acquisition*
(19%)     Expanding Customer base
(16%)     Expand Product or Service lines
(12%)     Digital Strategy
(9%)       Talent Acquisition

   *Up from 16% in 2017

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Vision 2.0 “Center of Influence” Strategy

Centers of Influence (COI) is a new term for an old business networking strategy. We want to use traditional concepts that worked well before technology, then discuss how to use information and business technologies to take the traditional concept to the next level.

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Organizational Transformation into a Vision 2.0 Model

Why do some businesses thrive (about 3%),

....some survive, (about 95%) and...

....others fail? 

A successful business is a complex system, where small changes can make or break the company.  Successful organizations are made up of seven business subsystems.  Each business subsystem is made up of a set of business processes. 

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Capital Gains and Selling Your Business!

The original title for this article was going to be: "You mean I have to pay taxes on this?" This was inspired by conversations with a number of business brokers, because someone who has owned a business for 30 years, just might forget.  If you own a business, chances are that someday will want to sell your business.  What some owners forget is that when they sell their business (and not everyone can), capital gains taxes will be due!  This article was written for owners as a reminder of how important it is to  'think early'.  

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