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James Murray has an amazing ability to bridge the IT world and the business world. James explains complex concepts in simple terms and illustrative pictures. His sense of humor puts everyone at ease in his seminars and consulting meetings.  James always focuses on what is best for the client."

Margaret Dorchester, CMC®, PMP® - Dorchester Consulting

Finding, Negotiating and ROI Optimization


Modern methods for finding businesses you want to buy.

IT Due Diligence

Reducing Investment Risk by identifying technical weakness.


Maximizing EBITDA by maximizing technology and digital strategy.

Technology has become mission critical to the success of every company!

Defining an Executive Outlier - As critical as business technology and digital strategies are to organizational success, the average business executive is a business expert with no connection to the organization's technologies.  Even top level executives make little effort to influence the organization's technology strategy planning.  The Executive Outlier, while not a technical expert, will influence all aspect of business planning, including strategic technology planning. 

The Problem: the average executive falls into this trap.  Often without realizing they are falling into a common business pitfall. Executives often delegate a business decision, seemingly disguised as a technical decision, to a technical expert.  The result is that

50% of technology projects and 70% of business initiatives fail

Technology experts just do not have the background or expertise to make a business decision.  Think how it would change the business if 90% of business initiatives succeeded? 

Why this happens: Technology experts are not business experts.  Very few business executives have any connection to the technology.  A communication gap forms.  Year after year, as the technology becomes more complicated, this gap continually widens. Years later, the business leaders and technology experts are following divergent business paths. Because they have no influence on the technology planning, business leaders are forced to follow the technical experts. (we call this an IT hostage Situation) What is missing is an executive who removes the communication gap by providing leadership that influences both business and technology planning! 

At Executive Outliers we guide and mentor the executives who bring the maximum value to their organizations.  In the process improving business Initiative success.

As an investor, what this could mean to you! - How much better would you do if 90% of your client's business initiatives succeeded?  We find that we can improve EBITA in  by aligning technology and improving worker productivity by an average 10% to 50% in the first year.  Starting with a good foundation here the first steps we help our customers with, 

  1. Our bird dogging services help you find more investment winners!
  2. Our IT Due Diligence services help you negotiate a more realistic price!
  3. Our Consulting and Deployment services mean you will realize the fastest and highest return on your investment, year after year!
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