Sales is more than just a numbers game.

Our clients are looking for a competitive advantage and want to be industry leaders.
When it comes to sales they know they have a choice.
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You have a traditional sales team but need:

  • To better understand your customer
    • Who are they?
    • Will they pay more?
  • Better technology
  • To train or expand your sales team
  • New lead or opportunity sources
  • To update your online presence or brand

How we can help >

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You need help with a​ ​marketing or sales team:

  We provide a you with:  A Modern Marketing team

  • Focused on company goals, needs, requirements
  • Provides marketing strategy, message and goals
  • Provides reliable reporting to upper management
  We provide a you with:  A Modern Sales Team
  • Serendipitous sales tactics
  • Customer centric targeted B2B sales campaigns
  • Online marketing strategies and sales income

How we can help >

James Murray has an amazing ability to bridge the IT world and the business world.

James explains complex concepts in simple terms and illustrative pictures. His sense of humor puts everyone at ease in his seminars and consulting meetings. 

James always focuses on what is best for the client.

Margaret Dorchester, CMC®, PMP® Dorchester Consulting

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