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Matching Business Solutions to your Business Vision

Vision 1.0

Great ideas are turned into a successful organization.

Vision 2.0

Growth is a balance of Scale Vs. Efficiency

Vision 3.0

Executing Disruptive industry change


You and your team(s) have successfully built Vision 1.0 of your organization.  As Reid Hoffman, from LinkedIn, has said... 

"An Entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down."

If you are part of a successful entreprenurial organization.  If you have a history of jumping off cliffs... Then we may have a plan for you.  Our plan, 

  • Strengthens organizational vision and promotes why you are in business
  • Reduces risk, Lowers costs putting resources back into the organization
  • Provides a high return on time, quality, scope, business value and off course Profit  

Introducing Business Vision 2.0

Did you know only 1 in 20 businesses are able to build a completed Vision 1.0 organization? Less 4% of Vision 1.0 business will break 1 million dollars in sales revenues?  Of those that do build Vision 1.0, only 2% will successfully build Vision 2.0.  Eventually breaking 10 Million dollars (or more) in business value. 

Vision 1 Vision 2.png

The Vision 2.0 Secret   

The first secret for Vision 1.0 owners is a role change from the driver to the navigator of the organization.  In this way successful Vision 2.0 organizations have moved from a culture of Individual contribution, to a culture of team contribution in an organizational centered community.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

At Business Cloud Services, we’ve been advising organizational executives on building teams and the technologies that make those teams world class for over 25 years. We’ve turned problems into trivialities for small, medium, large and billion-dollar organizations.  We provide the methodologies, mentoring, and systems to support the unique transition problems found in developing Vision 2.0 organizations.

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James Murray has an amazing ability to bridge the IT world and the business world. James explains complex concepts in simple terms and illustrative pictures. His sense of humor puts everyone at ease in his seminars and consulting meetings.  James always focuses on what is best for the client."

Margaret Dorchester, CMC®, PMP® - Dorchester Consulting

We are interested in bringing our technical, sales and leadership expertise to leverage our strategic business development expertise to your business.

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