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Strategic Business Development is About:

External Relationships

Affiliates, prospects, collaborations, identifying new markets.

Internal Relationships

Customers, employees, business analytics, reporting.


Sales, marketing message, business capacity, technology.

Organizations contact us because they have moved forward as far as they can with their present relationships, customer analysis and business infrastructure.  They need outside eyes to help them see what their options are to move to the next level. 

Contact us if you are interested in producing long term growth and profitability by creating strategic relationships, establishing new markets and increasing the value of your current customer base. Business Cloud Services team offers support with:

  • Development of collaborative partnerships
  • Identifying & development of new markets 
  • Developing modern marketing strategies 
  • Business & Technology integration optimization
  • Analysis and recommendations for pricing models
  • Integration of new technologies into sales tactics
  • Overseeing,  financing & planning for mergers & acquisitions
  • Exploration of new business line(s) 
  • Planning & deployment of new Channel sales opportunities
  • New product development

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James Murray has an amazing ability to bridge the IT world and the business world. James explains complex concepts in simple terms and illustrative pictures. His sense of humor puts everyone at ease in his seminars and consulting meetings.  James always focuses on what is best for the client."

Margaret Dorchester, CMC®, PMP® - Dorchester Consulting

We are interested in bringing our technical, sales and leadership expertise to leverage our strategic business development expertise to your business.

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